Unless you are eating two to three freshly picked organic fruits, four to six freshly harvested vegetables and only 100% whole grains grown on non-depleted soils—365 days a year —it is likely you are lacking essential nutrients. Essential nutrients are simply vitamins and minerals your body can not make. They must be obtained from the diet.

Even if you are eating a large number of fruits, vegetables and whole grains every day, those foods just do not contain near the level of nutrients they did before modern farming and food processing took their toll on nutrition.

How do you supplement your diet? With so many products and so much information out there, that can become truly confusing. Nevertheless, the starting point is really simple. Begin by taking a balanced, complete multiple vitamin and mineral supplement every day. This is not an option if you want to enjoy great health.

Let me illustrate this point by asking you a question. What would you guess is the most important nutrient for your health? The answer is—the one that’s missing! Of course it is! But which one is that? You could spend several hundreds of dollars trying to find out, maybe even thousands. Or for a fraction of that amount, you can give your body all the known essential nutrients required each day in the form of a daily multiple vitamin and mineral supplement.

So often, doctors try to treat diseases that are really simple nutrient deficiencies with potentially dangerous pharmaceuticals. These can cause even greater nutrient loss. Plus, you need extra vitamins and minerals to clear the medication from the body.

That’s why I believe there are two main groups of people who should be sure to take a multiple vitamin every day. One, those who are not taking medications and do not want to have to take them. Giving your body all the nutrients it needs each day is one of the best ways to avoid getting sick and needing pharmaceuticals.Group two is people who are currently taking pharmaceuticals. One of the most effective ways to avoid or decrease the side effects associated with medications is to keep the body adequately nourished with a daily multiple.

I recommend the INBalance Multi-vitamin dietary supplement which contains a proper balance of all the vitamins and minerals your body needs everyday. It also contains added support for the pancreas for healthy glucose management. This support is especially important if you have weight loss goals or want to maintain ideal weight. Just two easy to swallow tablets a day can give you not only peace of mind but a much healthier body.

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