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“Echoing Murray on the relevance of toxic belly fat to diabetes, Don VerHulst, M.D., chief science officer of InBalance Health, Wayland, MI, says, “In my opinion, the best recent science on diabetes was done at Johns Hopkins, and correlated waist measurement with risk of type 2 diabetes.” Reviewing data from upwards of 27,000 men over a 13-year period, researchers found almost exponentially greater risk of the disease with larger waistlines. Compared with the group with the smallest waist circumference, those who had 40- to 62-inch waists were 12 times more likely to develop diabetes (5). “This study proved that your waistline is your life line,” says VerHulst.

Toxic belly fat can indeed become responsible for a vicious cycle of insulin resistance leading to higher blood sugar, which can in turn create more belly fat. But, VerHulst thinks the cycle can be broken by addressing the root cause. He states, “The future in successful treatment and prevention of type 2 diabetes, I believe, should and will focus on correcting insulin resistance by removing excess belly fat.”

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